Multi-agent Simulation Platform

Glider with Autonomous, Logic-based Agents,
TEmporal reasoning and Abduction

This site describes the simulation platform GALATEA, which is offered as a multi-agent systems modelling language to be simulated in a DEVS, multi-agent platform.

GALATEA is software to model and simulate multi-agent systems. It is the product of two lines of research: simulation languages based on Zeigler's theory of simulation and logic-based agents. There is, in GALATEA, a proposal to integrate, in the same simulation platform, conceptual and concrete tools for multi-agent, distributed, interactive, continuous and discrete event simulation.

We recommend to new users to follow the instructions of GALATEA quick start guide

GALATEA is also a direct descendent of GLIDER, a DEVS-based simulation language which incorporates tools for continuous modelling as well. In GALATEA, GLIDER is combined with a family of logic programming languages specifically designed to model agents.

Universidad de Los Andes
Cesimo - SUMA
Galatea Group
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