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GLIDER Project

GLIDER is a language for simulation of continuous or discrete systems. 
The simulated system is conceptualized as a collection of subsystems that interchange information in different ways. The subsystems may store, transform, transmit, create and delete information. 
GLIDER offers the following features to represent systems and information processes:

  • The system is represented as a network, where each node represents one subsystem. 
  • The nodes may belong to different classes according to their characteristics.
  • The transformation of Information is described and performed by means of a method (programming code) associated to each node.
  • Information interchange among nodes is accomplished by the method acting upon shared variables, with use of files and by message interchange among  nodes.
  • Information is stored in variables, files or lists of received messages in nodes.












GLORIA Project

Gloria is an implementation of a logic-based model of an agent, as described by Bob Kowalski in his new book (in html format). The main component of Gloria is a Prolog program implementing the Fung and Kowalski's if and only if proof procedure, to process agent's goals and subgoals, and produce plans with actions for the agent to execute.






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